ARO Service


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ARO Service

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Acting Representative Office aka ARO service.

By using Shanghai View widen Co., Ltd., as your representative in China, you can have professionals assist you on many ways 24/7:

  1. Travel Management, getting the most economical travel plan for you in China.
  2. Client Development, maintaining contact with potential clients, following up with business orders, developing new customers.
  3. Marketing Campaign, printing marketing materials for promotion, sending catalogues to buyers, pre-qualify promotion activities. (extra cost will be on your own)
  4. Exhibition Management, onsite interpretation, booth managing, mediates with different parties.
  5. Info Collecting, organizing and gathering first hand feedbacks from clients and report to you weekly.
  6. Office Leasing, use Viewwiden’s office for any business meetings, conference, daily working.
  7. Logistic Service, custom clearance for your samples and products. (extra cost will be on your own)
  8. Temporary Human Power, finding part time employee to fulfill your business plan.

Let us know if you are interested in our ARO service, we will address you a detailed proposal.