ARO service


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ARO service

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The Acting Representative Office Service:


After rounds of successful one-on-one meetings we organized for our clients, we find out merely meeting with Chinese buyers twice a year may not be able to reach the full potential of the business in China. There is an urge to remain presence and constant contact with those Chinese buyers. First hand information reveals the true business insights, insights allow you to make decision properly, a good decision helps you stay atop of the mountain, especially in the case of China, a complex and fast growing economy. Hence, Viewwiden now proudly created this new type of ARO service that makes our client stay one step ahead in China. By using Viewwiden as Acting Representative Office in China, you will have professional’s assistance on various fields:


Customer Relationship Management:


Viewwiden will assist you on partner selection, following up the potential sales leads and finally optimize your sales performance in target market segment.

We do this by employing advanced strategies in product assortment, placement, promotion, and pricing, and leveraging our deep understanding of the customer and our category expertise to help brands win.

Our product assortment services allow us to optimize and maximize placement through an understanding of:

lRetailers’ strategies, goals, priorities, and initiatives

lCategory trends and competitive analytics


With a firm foundation in industry trends and retailer strategies, our placement services enable us to gain prime locations, ensuring the right adjacencies that will achieve the greatest sales for our clients’ brands.

We maximize promotion services by:

lDeveloping efficient trade-spend plans that boost volume

lLeveraging our broad client portfolio

lUnderstanding retailer promotion practices

lUsing robust post-promotional analysis tools

Finally, we optimize pricing for each brand we serve by:

lMonitoring and managing pricing to ensure that we are priced competitively with other brands

lPreventing price gaps

lEnsuring that we have pricing that is consistent with our clients’ strategies


Category Management:

Informed by data and analytics that provide keen insight into consumer preferences and shopping habits, Viewwiden’s category management expertise helps shape our clients’ and customers’ business plans. Once we’ve defined each category and its role in driving sales, we determine how it best fits into the client’s overall business plan. We then execute based on product assortment, placement, promotion, and pricing to achieve optimal results.

Viewwiden’s category management services include:

lSyndicated data analysis

lShopper and consumer insights

lCustomer/category reviews

lClient/customer scorecarding

lPromotion analysis

lPricing and ad tracking services


Space Management:

At Viewwiden, we understand the importance of making every square inch of shelf space count. That’s why we have space technologists covering all classes of trade. We are laser-focused to ensure that our clients’ brands are positioned on the right shelf, adjacent to the right products, with sufficient space to prevent out-of-stocks in all stores.

Viewwiden’s highly efficient and effective planogram development program starts with our very strong retail relationships.

Our space management team works closely with our Insights team to deliver space analytics that, when combined with consumer demand and shopper behavior data, can truly lead to the best planogram possible for the shopper, the retailer and the brand.

Viewwiden’s space management solutions include:

lPlanogram development

lSpace analytics


lProduct imaging

Sales Support:

When it comes to business process outsourcing, we understand that attention to detail can mean the difference between acceptable and exceptional.

Our sales support services include:

lOrder management

lOrder processing

lDeduction prevention and resolution

lQuality and process monitoring

Marketing Solutions:


Viewwiden is built on trust, thrives on innovation and delivers on brand promises.

Today’s shopper is savvier than ever before, and today’s marketplace is more complex than ever for manufacturers and retailers alike. That’s why Viewwiden provides integrated marketing solutions that combine our keen understanding of the shopper, the consumer, the brand, and the retailer to activate path to purchase dialog and engagement – at home, at the shelf and everywhere in between. It’s all designed to engage consumers and convert them into loyal and profitable shoppers.

In addition to understanding your brand, we have an intimate, real-time understanding of the labyrinth that is China’s marketplace and, via our complete marketing vertical from insights to the shelf, we make sure to steward your brand, your strategy and your voice, right through to the shopper's point of decision and purchase.

Viewwiden's integrated marketing services include:
Shopper, consumer, retail, and brand research
Space management
In-store advertising
In-store messaging
Assisted selling
Product display programs
Product sampling
In-store execution/program placement


We can cover most major channels in Shanghai and Southeast China:


lConvenience Stores

lDrug Stores


lGrocery Stores

lMass Merchandisers

lOnline Store, B2C platform