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Event Brief

Through investigation and research on a number of domestic food dealers and agencies, it is found that the local market demand of imported products is mounting up and the product range demanded by consumers is constantly widened. However, the current scale and quantity of imported food and beverage in the market is of far cry from meeting the diversified consumer needs. Through further communication with foreign food and beverage suppliers, it is also revealed that a great many foreign high grade suppliers are eager to accelerate their global marketing and especially to expand their sales network in China to acquire the first hand market trends of this prospective world biggest consumption country of imported food and beverage.
On the basis of this mutual cooperation intention, China Imported Food & Beverage One-on-one Negotiation Meeting aims at helping foreign suppliers to search for suitable and reliable domestic dealers and agencies, and to branch out their business in China while gaining more knowledge of China’s market situation. At the same time, the event also aims at assisting domestic dealers and agencies to look for appropriate foreign suppliers, by which to boost the development of China’s imported food and beverage trade and cater for the diversified market needs.

Major Purpose of the event

The event is aimed to promote mutual understanding, mutual respect, ideas sharing and working together between Chinese imported food buyers and qualified food exporters. Through holding up one-on-one business meeting in closed-door environment at 5-star hotel with key decision makers in Chinese food industry, our delegates can actually get useful insights of this biggest potential market.


“This is our second involvement as the luncheon sponsor in this meeting. We canceled on FHC to be here. One of the most professional event I ever attended” –Export Manager, Sun Mark Limited.

“It was a well-arranged event. Great!” – Asia Managing Director, Marianas Group

“Great event, even one day is good enough for me.” International Sales Director, Bruce Foods

“Meet at least a dozen interesting clients. All the attending buyers are very serious.” CEO, Gogaba Co., Ltd.

“It’s glad to be here the second time as luncheon sponsor. Thanks for the Viewwiden for this great opportunity” – Asia & Middle East Area Manager, GRUP PONS

“Valuable information, very beneficial, communicated with food-related personnel face to face and properly solved some uncertainties” – Owner, AOTEAROA Distillers Limited

“Very helpful for the business, really found us useful leads.” – Export Manager, Polobio

“Very well organized event. Truly helpful and beyond my expectation” - CEO, The East India Company Fine Foods.

“So far the best event I have ever attended, pre-qualified buyers, 5-star environment, lots of opportunities.” – Managing Director, Central Supplies (Brierley Hill) Limited.

“Fantastic organizing, professional performance across the whole event and it’s glad to be the entitle sponsor.” – President, Waffla Ltd.

“Unique mix of business opportunity, industrial insights and high quality meetings, also very good service” – Business Development Officer, Trade and Investment Queensland

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